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  • Incorporated Associations

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    Most community local sporting clubs are established as incorporated associations. In Victoria, incorporated associations are governed under the Associated Incorporations Reform Act 2012.

    Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) oversees the Associated Incorporations Reform Act 2012 and provides a highly informative website for clubs who have registered or considering registering as an incorporated association.

    The Associated Incorporations Reform Act 2012 provides registered clubs and associations with guidance and direction on the following topics:

    • Forming an incorporated association
    • Information to be included in incorporated association rules
    • Amalgamating two or more existing incorporated associations
    • Memberships
    • Responsibilities for running meetings
    • Appointment and responsibilities of office holders
    • Financial reporting requirements
    • Processes for winding up incorporated associations

    Your club should contact Consumer Affairs Victoria or seek advice specific to the needs of your club when considering its obligations under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

    For more information visit the following websites

    Information on a sport clubs legal responsibilities

  • Operating a food business

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    Food Safety

    You can find more information on operating a food business in Manningham on councils website.

  • Alcohol Management

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    Good Sports

    Good Sports is a free Australia-wide program building stronger community sporting clubs. The program provides sport and recreation clubs with tools and resources to build a safe, welcoming, family friendly club environment. Good Sports has been proven to reduce harm and positively influence health behaviours, as well as strengthen club membership and boost participation. The Good Sports program is implemented voluntarily through community sporting clubs, helping clubs to promote healthier, safer and more family-friendly environments. Designed for busy sports clubs, Good Sports takes the guess work out of complying with legal requirements and gives you the upper hand when it comes to attracting funding, new members and volunteers. It has been helping build strong community sporting clubs across Australia for over 20 years.

    Other helpful resources

  • Love the Game

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    Love the Game

    In 2014, the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation launched the Love the Game Sporting Club Program in response to community concern about the convergence of sport and gambling. The program helps reduce young people’s exposure to sport betting advertising and raises awareness of the risks of gambling harm for young people growing up in this normalised environment.

    Through the program, the Foundation works with more than 500 Victorian community, and elite, sporting clubs and bodies to raise awareness of gambling harm and counter the normalisation of gambling in sport. Participating clubs agree to a Charter that confirms their commitment to refusing sponsorship from sports betting operators and reducing the exposure of young people to gambling promotions and activities related to the club

  • Child Safety

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    All sport clubs in Victoria that provide services, programs or facilities for children are required to comply with Child Safe Standards, to ensure that the safety of children is promoted, child abuse is prevented, and allegations of child abuse are properly responded to.

    The Child Safe Standards are minimum compulsory standards for all organisations that interact with children and young people. The Standards aim to prevent abuse through a focus on cultural change and help to protect children from the risks of abuse.

    On 1 July 2021 the Victorian Government announced new Child Safe Standards to more closely align with the National Child Safe Principles. The New Standards come into effect on 1 July 2022.

    If you require assistance in understanding and meeting the Child Safe Standards, we recommend getting in touch with your state sport association.

    Working with Children Checks

    The Working with Children Check is a screening process for assessing or re-assessing people who work with or care for children in Victoria. If you are a volunteer that works with children you are required by law to have a valid working with children check.

    Useful links

    Information on the child safe standards and the seven child safe principles

    Summary of the New Child Safe Standards

    Child Wise Helps sport and recreation clubs become child safe