Consultation - Stage 2

    How has feedback in the first stage of consultation been addressed?

    More than 200 people contributed to the first stage of consultation. This feedback has helped shape some ideas for building and landscaping infrastructure which are being presented in this round of consultation (see proposed Westerfold Park concept plan and proposed building concept plan).

    In response to feedback, Parks Victoria has indicated their support for including additional facilities for general park visitors such as security lighting, seating, drinking fountains, accessible toilet facilities, way finding and information signage.

    How can the Main Yarra Trail be improved?

    Feedback from stage 1 of consultation provided information as to how the Main Yarra Trail is used. 

    77% of people who used the Main Yarra Trail rated it as 'Good to Very Good'. It has been identified the following improvements will be made to this section of the Main Yarra Trail and further work on these improvements will progress when funding becomes available:

    • Improved signage and landscape treatment on the path to reduce conflict between the different users
    • Separate pedestrians and paddlers from cyclists under Fitzsimons Bridge

    How can the main river access be improved?

    Feedback from stage one consultation provided information on the main river access and how it could be improved. The range of users includes paddlers (including stand up paddlers), swimmers, fishermen, spectators and those watching wildlife on the water. 

    50% of those who use the main canoe ramp rated it as ‘Poor to Very Poor.’ Most comments focused on the following issues:

    • Improvements are needed for those who cannot (or have difficulty) getting into a boat such as children, the elderly and those with mobility impairments
    • Safe ramp access is a high priority especially with seasonal water level changes, and for those carrying long boats
    • Ramp access is needed in more locations including upstream and under the bridge

    Further work on the ramp design will be undertaken in consultation with paddlers, fishing groups and the broader community when funding becomes available.

    What we would like to know from community in this second round of consultation?

    We are seeking:

    • interest from community groups to hire or use the proposed building, which could include storage, multipurpose spaces and change facilities
    • feedback on a café/kiosk facilities for park users.

    Who else are we consulting with during this stage?

    We would like to hear from school communities who currently offer paddle sports activities as part of their curriculum, or would like to in the future. A survey will be sent to schools giving them the opportunity to provide their ideas and thoughts.

    Community groups will also have the opportunity to attend information session's to explore how they could use the proposed multi purpose building and what they would need included.

    The information sessions for community groups will be held:

    Tuesday, 5 June, 10.30am to 12.00noon

    Thursday 14 June, 4.30pm to 6.00pm

    at Westerfolds Park Conference room, Parks Victoria office, Fitzsimons Lane, Templestowe.

    The broader community are invited to attend our community information session being held:

    Tuesday 5 June, 5.00pm to 6.30pm

    at Westerfolds Park Conference room, Parks Victoria office, Fitzsimons Lane, Templestowe.

    What will we do with your feedback?

    Community feedback provided by the community in stage 2 of consultation will inform the concepts highlighted in the feasibility study. This study is expected to be completed in late August.

    How can I have my say?

    Stage 2 of consultation opens on Thursday 24 May and closes at 11.59pm Wednesday 20 June 2018.

    You can share your feedback via this project page or

    By post to:

    Recreation Planner

    Manningham Council

    P.O. Box 1 Doncaster, Vic 3108

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    What is a feasibility study?

    A feasibility study is a detailed assessment and site analysis of a proposed project. It is used to determine if the idea or project is viable, valued by the community and worth the investment.

    Who is undertaking the Westerfolds Paddle Sports Plan feasibility study?

    The Westerfolds Paddle Sports Plan feasibility study is being funded through a Community Sports Infrastructure Fund grant from the Victorian Government (through Sport and Recreation Victoria) in partnership with Manningham, Nillumbik and Banyule councils, Canoeing Victoria and Melbourne Canoe Club.

    As land managers of parts of the site, Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water are key stakeholders in the project.

    Why is this feasibility study being undertaken?

    Canoeing Victoria, which represents the paddling community in Victoria, has identified that a Regional Paddle Sports Centre would deliver benefits to canoe clubs and recreation canoeists.

    In addition, there is an opportunity to improve safety at Westerfolds Park by reducing congestion on the Main Yarra Trail. Improvements to car parking, river entrances and viewing areas will also be considered as part of the feasibility study. 

    When will the feasibility study be completed?

    The feasibility study will be completed in August 2018.

    What funding that has been allocated to implement this project?

    Since the feasibility of this project is still being assessed, no funding has already been sought for this project.

    What is the Westerfolds Paddle Sports Concept Plan?

    The Westerfolds Paddle Sports Concept Plan forms part of the feasibility study, and shows existing facilities in the area, as well as the concept for proposed works.

    What does the Westerfolds Paddle Sports Plan include?

    The proposed plan has been developed based on a detailed site analysis and the concept planning required for the development of a Regional Paddle Sports Centre at Westerfolds Park, Templestowe.

    It proposes the following opportunities, including off water support facilities, on-water features and landscaping:

    • a Regional Paddle Sports Centre with a multipurpose training and meeting space, including kiosk/kitchen, wet and dry amenities (including new public amenities) and boat/equipment storage to replace and expand the existing storage facility
    • boardwalks and spectator viewing areas to encourage people to watch on-water activities and provide opportunities for more people to be involved
    • improved access into the river from 2 canoe ramps, reducing existing physical barriers to participation for people of all ages and abilities
    • improvements to the Main Yarra Trail to reduce conflict between cyclists and pedestrians passing through, and paddlers carrying their equipment to and from the river and spectators watching events
    • improved traffic management and car parking
    • reduced detrimental impacts on the riverbank and the surrounding natural environment.