Who decided to change to nine wards?

    Despite recommendations to the contrary from both Manningham Council and the Victorian Electoral Commission, the Victorian Government has decided that we are moving to a single Councillor ward structure for the local government elections in October. 

    The existing Manningham ward boundaries have been changed by the Victorian Government from three to nine wards.

    Will this mean we have more Councillors?

    Manningham currently has nine Councillors with three Councillors representing each of the three wards.

    Under the new nine ward structure, one Councillor will represent each ward.

    When are Council elections?

    The next Council elections are scheduled for October 2020.

    How many voters will be in each ward?

    The average number of voters per ward is 9,958.

    • Ward A - 10,706 
    • Ward B - 10,095 
    • Ward C - 9,707
    • Ward D - 9,754 
    • Ward E - 9,701 
    • Ward F - 10,120 
    • Ward G - 9,636 
    • Ward H - 9,351 
    • Ward I - 10,554 

    Information supplied by Victorian Government. Source: voters roll at 25 February 2019.