Why is the playground being built in a new location and not where the current playground is?

    During storm events water currently flows through the playground area and into the court bowl in front of the preschool and toy library. The new playground will be constructed on higher ground in order to avoid more frequent 1:100 year overland flow events.

    What will happen to the space where the current playground is?

    Grass will be reinstated while Council Engineers undertake consultation with Melbourne Water to determine what measures should be taken to better manage stormwater retention.

    When will the main path be upgraded?

    The main east west path will be upgraded in the future in conjunction with other infrastructure improvements to the reserve.

    What is planned for the skate bowl area?

    Officers plan to consult further on how to incorporate opportunities for junior skate and BMX elements and are planning to carry out these improvements in 2023/24.

    Why is the basketball/netball area being delayed?

    To achieve the best possible outcome Officers propose to incorporate the design of this area with future upgrades to the skate bowl. In this way an integrated and site responsive design can be developed for both spaces.

    Will the future basketball/netball court area be larger than the current area?

    The new zone allocated for basketball/netball will be significantly larger and with the added advantage of being right alongside the main path through the reserve.

    Will the residents be consulted on the improvements to the skate bowl and basketball/netball area?

    Yes. The current zones are indicative only and future designs will be the result of further consultation.

    When will the existing basketball pad be removed?

    When the new basketball/netball area has been constructed.

    How will planting areas be improved?

    Sightlines and visibility between play zones will be significantly improved by pruning lower branches and replacing some of the dense shrubs with a selection of ground covers and tufting plant species.

    How many new shade trees will be panted as part of the playspace upgrade?

    Approx. 9 new shade trees will be planted around the new playspace. These could be a combination of native and exotic species. One tree is being removed to make room for the playspace and because it has a limited life expectancy.


    How will the new playspace provide play opportunities for a range of ages as well as a place for the community to meet and socialise?

    The design pivots around a gathering space with a shelter which will be easily accessed from the main path. A series of swings to suit a range of ages will be in one zone, a senior combination play unit with a large slide and climbing challenges will make up a second zone and a junior combination unit with slide and shopfront will make up the third play zone. These zones will be edged with a range of adventure balance circuits using carefully selected logs and boulders. This edging will offer nature play and informal seating opportunities.

    When will additional lighting to the east west path be installed?

    It is proposed to install a further 4 light poles along the path to improve access at night time. They will be subject to further design and are planned for installation in 2022.