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  • Sponsorship

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    The following websites provide information, tips and resources on sponsorship.

  • Fundraising for your sport club

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    Fundraising takes time and it can sometimes be quite challenging to think of new and innovative ways to raise money for your club. However, fundraising plays a vital role and should be considered as part of your clubs governance plan.

    The websites listed below provide a range of tips on fundraising ideas and other things to consider when planning a fundraiser for your club.

    • Australian Sports Foundation: has been helping sporting clubs and organisations fundraise for over 30 years. Visit their website to access a number of resources and tips on how to fundraise within a sporting club context.
    • Consumer Affairs Victoria: includes important information on incorporated associations, fundraisers, patriotic funds and funded services and grants.
    • Good Sports: suggests some quick and easy fundraising ideas for sport and recreation clubs.
    • Funding Centre: has created the seven pillars of fundraising to support not for profit organisations in finding success through fundraising.

    Other ways to raise money for your club;

    • Club events
    • Sponsorship
    • Hire out your facilities
    • Grant funding
    • Donations

    More resources;