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  • IMS casual user guide

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    Casual Users

    Accessing the IMS System

    • Access the IMS portal via
    • Sign in using your email and password.
    • If you do not have an account simply select ‘Create Account’, enter in all your details, and select ‘Register’.
    • Check your email account for an email from ‘Manningham Council – Reserve Manager’ and click on the verification link.
    • The email will also provide you with a password so that you can Sign In.

    How to Submit a Casual Booking Application

    1) There are two types of casual booking applications:

    • Casual sportsground application – Manningham outdoor sportsgrounds
    • Casual athletics track application –Tom Kelly Athletics Track

    To view whether a sportsground or the athletics track is available, select ‘Check Availability’ from the home screen after you have signed in: This will open up the relevant bookings calendar on IMS. When using the calendar for sportsgrounds, select ‘Filter by asset’ to view availability for a particular sportsground.

    2) Fill out the contact details section of form.

    Note: Anything marked in light blue means that there is already am approved casual booking in place. Anything marked in green means that there is either an annual or a seasonal allocation in place. Anything marked ‘PB’ (provisional booking) means that another user has submitted a casual booking application requesting to use that particular sportsground. The available timeslots are the white boxes on the calendar. To make a casual booking application, select ‘Start Application’ for either sportsground or athletics track:

    3) Upload a copy of the current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) Certificate for the school/organisation/user group.

    4) If submitting a casual booking application for the athletics track please provide accurate details for attendee numbers, the activity, and number of schools that will be participating.

    5) If submitting a casual booking application for a sportsground, select which sportsground you are requesting from the drop down section.

    6) Select the date and time you are requesting to book.

    7) Add any additional requests by selecting ‘Add another booking’ and filling in the details.

    Note: You can specify if a recurring booking is required by ticking the recurring event tick box. This will allow you to specify the repeat pattern and duration for a recurring booking request. An example of where this is used is for training purposes.

    8) When all booking details have been entered, read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your casual booking application.

    Note: You need to open the Terms and Condition document before you can mark the tick box:

    9) Select ‘Submit’ to complete your casual booking request: This will trigger an email to Manningham Council’s Recreation Team advising of the request and you will also receive an acknowledgement email.

    Note: If you select ‘Save & Exit’ the casual booking application will remain on your account as an incomplete application. You will need to select ‘Continue application’ from the home screen in order to complete and submit the application:

    If you require extra assistance, the IMS casual user guide (including images) can be found under 'Useful Documents' listed on the right hand side of the Resource Hub's home page.