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  • First Aid

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    Sports Medicine Australia is Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary network for professionals working in sports medicine, sport and exercise science, and physical activity. Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) produces a number of policies and guidelines to promote safety, health and wellbeing of athletes, staff, volunteers, families and communities.

    Resources that are available for download include information relating to:

    • Extreme Heat Policy
    • Sports Trainer Practices in a COVIDSAFE Australia
    • Active Children
    • Active Older People
    • Active Women
    • Health Conditions & Screening
    • Hot Weather
    • Infectious Diseases
    • Mouth guard Policy for Sports Clubs
    • Medical Emergency Planning Guide
    • Concussion

    The Australian Sports Injury Data Dictionary has been developed to provide guidelines for injury data collection and classification for the prevention and control of injury in sport and recreation. The Dictionary has been written to assist sporting and recreation organisations, researchers, sports medicine professionals, first-aiders and individual clubs collect information on sports injury. The sporting organisation or researcher may customise a data collection form to suit their needs, but a sporting club may choose to use the sport-specific. The Dictionary is prescriptive in the use of data categories and options within those categories. This is necessary if the advantages of comparability and consistency are to be gained. Users are, of course, free to design forms and data systems that meet their needs, and to extend the items and classification in the Dictionary.

    Sports Medicine Australia has also produced a range sport-specific fact sheets that discusses ways to prevent injury, advice for taking care of junior players and how to deal with common injuries to create a healthier and more active community.

    Sports Medicine Australia has produced an injury fact sheet series highlighting prevention and management for 12 of the most common sporting injuries .

    Sports Medicine Australia

    Sport Community's 10 must haves in your clubs First Aid kit.

    St Johns 'Safe Program'

    • Officially recognizes sporting clubs that are ready for any first aid situation.

    Work Safe

    Club Help

  • Sun protection policies & resources

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    Athletes, officials, coaches and spectators often spend prolonged periods of time outdoors participating. Too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation can lead to sun damage, sunburn and skin cancer. And the more you’re exposed, the greater your risk. Sports groups should encourage use of the five forms of sun protection (Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide) to help protect those involved all year round.

    Sun Smart have created sample sun protection policies for sport clubs and community groups.

  • Hot weather resources

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    Vicsport aims to promote good policy and practice to protect the health and safety of participants, officials, coaches, parents, volunteers, staff, sports trainers and spectators, whilst supporting continued participation in sport and active recreation. Hot weather resources have been developed in partnership with Sport and Recreation Victoria the Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention. The resources can support organisations to mitigate the risks of exertional heat illness during hot weather. The resources are relevant for state sport associations, regional sports assemblies, local governments, clubs, leagues and associations.

    Sport Medicine Australia have created hot weather guidelines for sporting clubs, associations and the physically active.

    For more information and advice on recognising, managing and mitigating heat health risks in sport and recreation visit Sport and Recreation Victoria's heat guidelines.