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  • Game Plan

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    Sport Australia’s Game Plan is a digital platform designed to provide sporting clubs of all sizes with insights into their current capability and connect them with specific tools and resources to build and support ongoing development.

    Game Plan has been developed to enable a club to improve the quality of skills of its people, the volunteers and management, to adapt quickly and maximise the resources a club has. When key committee workforce is churned or lost, the club will have access to a trusted record, allowing organisational continuity over time.

    Manningham City Council encourages it's local sport and recreation clubs to use Game Plan to complete a 'Health Check' on their club. Once you have completed the modules outlined in the Game Plan you'll be provided a number of state and sport specific resources to support you in achieving the goals you set to achieve. If you require further support clubs are encouraged to reach out to their State Sport Association & Council.

  • Women and girls

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    This Girl Can

    This Girl Can is about celebrating women getting active, regardless of age, background, ability or body shape. Each year Manningham Council works with sport and recreation clubs to offer free activities for women and girls to encourage them to get active and have some fun in a supported and friendly environment.

    Every woman’s journey and experience with sport and physical activity is different. This Girl Can have created visual journey maps to better demonstrate and help others understand a women’s experience with sport and physical activity throughout the lifespan.

    Creating a Place for Women in Sport

    Manningham, Yarra Ranges, Maroondah, Knox Council, Inspiro and EACH, are providing resources for sporting clubs to achieve gender equality. The Creating a Place for Women in Sport self-assessment is a practical tool for community sport and recreation clubs to identify strengths and opportunities to promote equality. The tool aims to support clubs to look at different areas of their environment, and recognise their progress in achieving gender equality at their club.

    There are no right or wrong answers; the tool is an internal resource to be used as a ‘temperature check’ at a moment in time. It provides an opportunity for clubs to learn and discuss ways it can create environments where women and men can equally participate.

    Once clubs have completed the self-assessment tool, we encourage clubs to complete the Gender Equity Action Plan Template in order to drive change moving forward. Council's Recreation Participation Officer can work with clubs to complete the self assessment tool and the action plan.

    Change our Game

    Change our Game is an initiative of Victorian Government. In 2015, the Government released a report from the independent Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation. The report shed light on gender inequality in Victorian sports and recreation. The report outlined a way forward, helping change and improve sport and recreation for all involved

    Change our game provide a range of grants and funding to support women and girls at all levels in sport and recreation in Victoria each year

    Resources to assist your club in becoming more inclusive of women and girls

    • Clearing House for Sport: Covers a range of topics on women and sport, from governance, factors influencing female participation, data and statistics and provides a number of successful case studies.