Useful links to assist your club with queries around governance in sport


The following websites and links can assist your club with any queries around governance in sport and recreation.

  • Vic Sport: has collated a collection of resources, services and links on the topic of governance, for the use of Victorian sport associations and sport and recreation clubs.
  • Sport Australia: have developed the Sport Governance Principles to help sport clubs and organisations achieve good governance and deliver postitive sport experiences.
  • Victoria State government website: includes information on the ‘Community Sector Governance Capability Framework’ which describes the broad capabilities required by people on boards or committees of management in the community sector. This site also list a range of other organisatision that can assist with governance at the community level.
  • Play by the Rules: Play by the Rules provides information on how to achieve good governance, tips for committee and board members and advice on how to run a successful annual general meeting.
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria: Sport and Rec Victoria have collated a list of every state sport association in Victoria. These can be altered and used across a number of different sports.
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