Good governance in sport


Governance is how a sports committee or board, goes about it's business. It includes the processes and systems put in place to achieve a specific purpose, as well as practices to ensure safe sport, inclusion and fair play.

Governance directly impacts:

  • decision making
  • strategic goals and direction
  • how a board monitors performance in relation to goals, systems and legal regulations
  • ensuring that the board acts in the best interests of it's club members

Why is good governance important?

Having good governance means that your club is well run and supports growth and development. A well run club will be more attractive to new members and funding agencies, potential sponsors and government bodies all look favourably to well managed sport clubs. Good governance also reduces risks and helps identify new opportunities. It is important to note that good governance in sport is never static, it is constantly adapting and improving.

Looking for downloadable templates and info sheets on the topic of governance? Check out the below websites:

  • Club Help: is a ‘one stop shop’ for sport and recreation clubs. Driven by Leisure Networks this site includes a range of templates, info sheets and other resources on a number of topics related to sport such as: club management, marketing, volunteers, financial management. All the resources on this page are FREE.
  • Sports Community: Sports Community provide training and knowledge to clubs and their volunteers through webinars, workshop, checklists, templates, how to articles and share resources via their digital newsletter. They provide a range of free and paid resources online.
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