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Innovation Program

Have your service options become a bit stale?

Have your participation numbers dropped or you’re looking to increase your numbers?


This  face to face, full day workshop has been designed or the current and future leaders in your club – this doesn’t necessarily mean committee members, but those who will help your club grow moving forwards. These can be coaches that engage with participants, or individuals involved with clubs who have strong connections with different community groups.

This workshop will give you an overview on what innovation really means, and its benefits in community sport.

You will be taken through activities to assess your club’s current operations, and look for opportunities to ‘do things differently’ and brand your club in the community to be on front foot and bounce forward strongly.


We will give you ideas and clarity on:

  • diverse income streams;
  • adapting to change;
  • new membership options;
  • looking at things in a different way;
  • mitigating risk; and 
  • future thinking;


Especially having being faced with the challenges to community sport in the last few years, clubs can often get stuck in the mindset of ‘doing things as we have always done’ and bogged down in the day-to-day operations. Through this session, we will work through activities and exercises that allow you to have some ‘blue sky thinking’ for your club, and look at the opportunities that you might be able to capitalise on with the right structures and thought processes in place to be innovative.

Innovation can really help your club to improve productivity, reduce costs, uncover new partnerships and increase your club's brand awareness. This session is incredibly important to ensure that your club is truly open to all in the community, and that you can offer the participation options and services that appeal to different demographics.

Encourage those that can be actively involved in the progression of your club into the future!


‘Innovation Program’

Saturday July 2, 2022.

10:00am – 4:00pm  @ Mullum Mullum Stadium.

Refreshments supplied.

 Register here:


** This will be the FINAL workshop in the Club Development Program for 2022.

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