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Active Bystander Workshop for Sport Clubs

Manningham Council has partnered with Women's Health East to deliver a free Active By Stander workshop to the local Manningham sport and recreation community. 

Sporting clubs play in important role in our community. They can be important places of social connections and support, as well as influential structures where attitudes and behaviours, including those towards women and girls, are formed and upheld.

Sporting clubs also have an important responsibility to ensure all members are safe and free from discrimination and harassment. This can be achieved by creating and supporting fair, inclusive and respectful sporting environments on and off the playing field.  

Active Bystander training seeks to support fair, inclusive and respectful sporting environments through skilling participants to not only identify and challenge sexism, but other forms of discrimination such as racism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia. Active Bystander training equips participants to step in when they see or hear sexist or discriminatory language, jokes, behaviours or practices across a range of sports settings and scenarios.  

Research shows that promoting bystander action across your sporting club can support a range of benefits. Some examples of this include:  

  • Improved club culture and relationships for all members.  
  • Attract and retain talent and increase performance and morale. 
  • Save money and increase profits. 
  • Support positive change and enhance your reputation. 
  • Contribute to the prevention of violence against women.  

This opportunity has been made possible thanks to the Change Our Game - Community Activation Grants program.

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