Jumping Creek Road Stage 3 – Survey Results

Stage 3 of the Jumping Creek Road Upgrade addresses safety concerns raised by the community affecting the section between Yarra and Homestead Roads, including the Wonga Park township.

For the intersections of Jumping Creek Road with Dudley and Yarra Roads, we developed a concept design in consultation with our Community Reference Panel. This design reduces the speed of traffic and improves pedestrian and community safety, as shown below.

Intersection options

We sought the community’s preference on the type of signals needed at the intersection of Jumping Creek Road and Dudley Road.

There were 2 options available:

1. Full intersection signals at the Jumping Creek Road/Dudley Road intersection. All traffic into and out of Dudley Road and pedestrian movements will be controlled with signals.

2. Pedestrian Operated Signals only across Jumping Creek Road. The movements into and out of Dudley Road will be controlled with a Stop sign only. Pedestrians crossing Dudley Road will need to cross when safe to do so, without signals.

We received 88 responses through the online survey, via email and phone.

The majority of the respondents preferred the installation of the full intersection signals at the Jumping Creek Road/Dudley Road intersection.

A breakdown of the survey results is shown on the pie chart below.

The next steps

We will continue to develop the preferred intersection option through to the detailed design stage. This will include:
  • a road safety audit
  • assessment of the impact on the surrounding vegetation, adjoining properties and service assets, eg. Telstra
  • further consultation, as required.

Once the intersection design has been further developed, we will start the concept design for the length of the road between Dudley Road and Homestead Road over the next year.

This will also involve the design for lowering the road crest to the east of Dudley Road to improve sight lines. A footpath along the north side of the road will also be included.

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