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  • Thanks for your participation in Imagine Manningham 2040

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    Manningham would like to thank the community for its generous input to our two months of listening towards the end of 2019. We have reached residents, traders, community groups, and demographics that are often missing from our engagement including children, our Chinese community, CALD groups and a variety of ages.

    Nearly 300 people answered our survey and even more attended the community activations and public workshops that we held. We reached over 60,000 people with our social media posts and you may have seen some of the fabulous video of our community, young and old, talking about what their aspirations are for the future of Manningham. We will be posting some of these videos soon.

    Sometimes one has to step out of one’s comfort zone. It was a great feeling.”

    Manningham resident, posting on Twitter about his experience being interviewed on camera at our Doncaster Community Workshop

    All the inputs are now being analysed and fed to various Council teams. An urban design consultancy is working on draft plans. The Community Vision is being shaped and expanded. We will be reporting back to you regularly and you can follow these updates on this page.

    Manningham is a great place to live work and play and we look forward to using the community inputs to shape the documents that help us to manage change and growth: The Liveable City Strategy, The Doncaster Hill Framework and the Community Vision.

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