What community consultation has been undertaken?

    Community consultation opportunities were sought to hear from and inform the community to enable a shared vision for the new park.

    During the initial community consultation from October to November 2019, 345 respondents helped inform the design of the concept plan.

    Community engagement on the draft concept plan was undertaken from March to April 2020.

    Key themes that came through the community engagement included the need for:

    • Green spaces – flexible and open
    • Amenities - seats, picnic tables and drinking fountains
    • Play equipment – for various ages
    • Accessibility - path network
    • Connection to community and nature – spaces for gathering, trees and plants.

    The final concept plan was endorsed by Council in July 2020.  

    Will there be parking available to park users?

    The park is a small open space catering to the local community within walking distance from homes. There will be no additional car parking provided.

    Works zone and No Stopping restrictions have been implemented to facilitate construction works. Please ensure you check for any restrictions when parking in the area.

    Will there be public toilet facilities?

    This is a small local park, so public toilets will not be provided.

    Are there new facilities such as water features or exercise equipment?

    Due to this space's small size and passive recreation focus, there are no plans for water features or exercise equipment. However, nearby open spaces will be considered as potential locations for these facilities.