Why is Doncaster Hill getting a new park?

    Our vision is for well-connected open spaces that support a healthy community and a healthy environment. This reserve was identified in the Doncaster Hill Strategy and Manningham Open Space Strategy to address the shortage of open space in the precinct. Located on the boundary of Doncaster Hill, this reserve will provide a buffer to the higher density residential areas and provide much needed open space for residents in this precinct of Doncaster Hill.

    What are the benefits of the park?

    The new urban park will provide opportunities for recreation, including play and relaxation. It will also foster a sense of place through the use of landmarks, vistas, gateways, imaginative landscape and public art to give these areas a vibrant urban character and unique identity.

    What is being demolished at the site?

    The Hepburn Road park space spanned four properties at the south end of Short Street, Doncaster, approximately 3,144m². We will be demolishing the current houses which now have been purchased by Manningham. 

    We have awarded the tender for these works and a contractor will carry out the demolition.

    What about the trees/ existing vegetation on the site?

    The new park requires earthshaping to create the new park, as a result most of the existing vegetation will be removed as it is not feasible to remain. 

    The new design looks to accommodate the two largest trees in the park which includes the Quercus plaustris which is near the roundabout and the Cedrus Deordara at the back of 11 Hepburn Road.   

    What community consultation has been undertaken?

    Community consultation opportunities were sought to hear and inform from both the existing and future community members to enable a shared vision.

    During the initial community consultation (from October to November 2019), 345 respondents helped inform the design of the concept plan.

    Key themes that came through the community engagement included:

    • green spaces – flexible, open,
    • amenities - seats, picnic tables, drinking fountains
    • play – range of ages
    • accessibility - path network
    • connection to community and nature – spaces for gathering, trees and plants.

    Community engagement on the draft concept plan was undertaken in March to April 2020.

    The final concept plan was endorsed by Council in July 2020.  

    What are the key features of the new park?

    The park has been designed in response to community feedback and includes:

    • outdoor seating 
    • BBQ area
    • drinking fountain
    • public art
    • large open lawn areas 
    • a playspace with nature play 
    • canopy tree planting, 
    • bike hoops 

    Will there be parking available to park users?

    The park is a small local open space catering to local community within walk distance from homes. There is no additional car parking provided, provision of a disability parking space near the park is being reviewed.

    Will there public toilet facilities?

    Public toilets are not provided for a park of this scale as it will be a small local park.

    Are there new facilities such as water features or exercise equipment?

    There are no plans for water features or exercise equipment - due to the small size and passive recreation focus of this space. Opportunities to provide these in nearby open spaces is being considered.

    When will the park be completed?

    Here are the timelines for upcoming key stages until the park is complete

    • Jan - Feb 2022 - Demolition of houses 
    • Mid 2022 -  March 2023 - Commence site works for construction of the park 
    • March 2023 - Works to complete the park

    When is the park going to be open?

    We anticipate the landscape construction works will be complete and the park open in March 2023. Any time changes will be updated on the website. 

    An official opening to welcome the community to the new park will be organised closer to the completion time. 

    I have more questions on the project who can I speak to?

    Please contact us on 9840 9333 or manningham@manningham.vic.gov.au and we will put you in touch with the relevant person to answer your queries. To view the park concept plan, and project timelines please visit yoursay.manningham.vic.gov.au/hepburn-reserve