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💬 Our young people have spoken, and we’ve listened!

💡 Discover what our young people think about accessing youth mental health services and why they want a local @headspace in Manningham.

📢 We’ll be taking the information you’re seeing directly to the government as we continue to advocate for a local headspace youth mental health service.

👏 Thank you to the 103 young people who took our survey and shared it with their friends!

Text: who took the survey? 103 respondents aged between 12 and 24. 86%  live and/or work or study in Manningham.Text: 75%​ Have noticed a lack of youth mental health services in Manningham​. Orange speech bubble: “I grew up in the Manningham area and it was hard to reach  out for the help I needed as there  was a lack of mental health services available at the time  and unfortunately the lack is still there to this day.”  - anonymous (she/her) 22Text: 29% of respondents who have reached out for mental health support didn’t receive the help they were after. This is why. A colourful pie chart has 5 sections with the following text allocated per section: 23% Disappointment in previous experiences, 18% Perceived lack of trust for school wellbeing support, 12% Lack of affordable options, 41% Long wait lists, 6% Services were hard to access via public transport.Purple speech bubble: “There needs to be a central point that youth can access [for] mental health services to alleviate the stigma surrounding mental health.”  – anonymous (he/him), 21. Green circle with text: 98%​ Think that Manningham needs headspace​Text: Why survey respondents want a headspace in Manningham. Six coloured circles contain the following information each: 41%​ To provide young people with additional support, 36%​ To make accessing headspace services easier via public transport, 12%​ To offer services that are tailored for young people, 7%​ To destigmatise mental health support​, 3%​ To offer more affordable options, 2%​ To improve community connectedness and healthText: How respondents wanted us to advocate for a local headspace  and how we took action. A column graph with seven colourful bars and the following weight allocations. 24% use Your Say. 42% Promote this survey to more young people, "17,000+ impressions from our social media ad campaign​ that promoted our survey". 15% publish articles in newsletters, 62% Post on social media, speech bubble reads "3,300+ views on our Instagram Reel, 22% distribute posters and brochures, speech bubble reads "1,000+ brochures and 20+ posters distributed. 74% Raise awareness through schools, speech bubble reads "posters, brochures and news items sent to all high schools in Manningham". 47% host information stalls, speech bubble reads "1,000+ people engaged at our nine information stalls".Text: key insights. Pink speech bubble reads "“If you don’t have a license [it’s] very hard [to access your closest headspace]”  – anonymous (he/him), 16". Blue speech bubble reads "“Having a local headspace would’ve helped my mental health immensely during my adolescence and I think it’s important to give that opportunity to the youth in Manningham as soon as possible..”  – anonymous (she/her), 22". Purple speech bubble reads "“headspace has been familiar to me as a safe space for young people.”  – anonymous (she/her), 21"Text: We’ll be taking the information you’ve shared directly to the government as we continue to advocate  for a local headspace.​

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