Ideas board results - "Why is good mental health important to you?"

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Top five reasons why our community thinks good mental health is important

  1. It can help improve ones mood
    • “Makes you happier 😊”
    • “Mental health is important to be because it makes me feel better and lets me enjoy my time with loved ones and [be] happy”
    • “It makes the people around me happy, including myself”
  2. It can improve quality of life and wellbeing
    • “You’re a better person when your mental health is in a good place. Sleep. Productivity. Motivation. Everything is better.”
    • “To me, good mental health equals good spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing”
    • “Improves overall health. Mental and physical. Makes people happier”
  3. It can assist with maintaining motivation and productivity
    • “Motivation helps me to focus with study”
    • “Having energy and motivation to go on with my everyday life”
    • “It helps me function at 100% 😊”
  4. It can help one seek help for their mental health and support others
    • “Helps me seek help if I need it”
    • “So people and kids can go to sleep better at night knowing there’s help if they are struggling”
    • “It allows you to have conversations with people and help with their problems”
  5. It can help with social health
    • “Created better relationships with people”
    • “Helps me maintain relationships and stay afloat with school”
    • “Helps with my social skills”

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