Ideas board results - "Why do you want a headspace in Manningham?"

💡 For this question, we received 287 ideas through our survey and our info stall ideas board.

A large portrait whiteboard with the question "Why do you want a headspace in Manningham" written in the middle. Colourful stickynote ideas surround the question.Our ideas board at our Westfield Doncaster information stall.

A large meeting table with 186 sticky notes categories into separate sections on the table.All ideas from our info stalls organised into categories.A word cloud containing the results of the ideas board. Green background, white text.Word cloud of all ideas.Top five reasons why our community wants a local headspace:1. To provide our young people with additional mental health support.

2. To make accessing youth mental health services easier via public transport.

3. To offer our young people more affordable options.

4. To offer our young people with a youth-specific mental health service

5. To increase awareness around mental health and destigmatise seeking help

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