Victoria Street Playground Upgrade

    Which play elements will stay?

    Where possible the concept plan has attempted to preserve, repurpose or improve existing play elements. 

    • Flying foxes will remain in their current location.
    • The climbing geode will be relocated to make way for a giant basket swing.
    • Trampolines will remain in their current location.
    • Water and sand play areas will be enhanced and expanded.
    • The steel tower will be retained and incorporated within a new play structure.
    • The giant slide will be relocated to the main play structure.

    Which play elements will be removed?

    • timber fort structures – which are old and deteriorating 
    • mid-level swings between the picnic shelters will be replaced with new swings 

    Will there be more play options for older children?

    Yes. The concept plan has additional play elements to appeal to older children including:

    • overhead loops 
    • monkey bars 
    • rope traverses  
    • angled nets 
    • a giant basket swing

    Will the gecko sculptures be retained?

    Yes. There will be no changes to the amphitheatre seating area and the embankment areas adjacent to the gecko sculptures.

    Will the playspace be expanding?

    The play area will stay a similar size. However, it may be possible to expand it slightly toward the perimeter path on the western side where space allows.

    How will the playspace take advantage of the steep site?

    Play zones at different levels will be linked by a range of play and landscape elements including:

    • ropes and nets
    • raised walkways
    • slides
    • mudstone steps 
    • log steppers

    Will visibility between play zones be improved?

    Yes. Play structures will be less bulky in appearance. Rope tunnels, nets and perforated panels will be used to improve visibility through the play structures.

    What will happen to the engraved pavers?

    Where possible these will be reused in new paths and paved areas. The pavers with business names on them will not be retained.

    Will accessibility be improved?

    Yes. Existing paths will be upgraded and where possible new path links will be introduced to connect play zones and picnic areas.

    Will more seats and picnic tables be added?

    Yes. There will be space for additional seats and picnic tables overlooking the play zones. The existing picnic shelters and tables will continue to provide the majority of the seating.

    Will any trees be removed?

    We have had existing trees assessed by professional arborists. We will preserve existing trees that are in good health.

    Will the shade sails be retained?

    Shade is important. The design of the new play space will consider a range of options for shade including shade sails and planting semi-advanced shade trees.

    Will the playground have a café in the future?

    In accordance with the adopted Waldau Precinct Masterplan and the Ruffey Lake Park Landscape Masterplan, an area near the toilets has been set aside for a future café.

    Will there be any changes to the existing toilets?

    The project is focused on upgrading the playground and there are no plans to change the existing toilets.

    Will there be any changes to the existing car parking areas?

    The project is focused on upgrading the playground and there are no plans to alter the car parking areas.