About the project

    What upgrade works are proposed to be constructed and what improvements are expected?

    The concept design proposes future improvements to the roads along the route that will involve the following works:

    • Upgrades to alignments to improve sightlines and visibility.
    • Improved road gradient changes (i.e., reduced crests and dips).
    • Installation of roundabouts to reduce speed along the route, highlighting the entrance to the Templestowe Village Shopping precinct.
    • Installation of kerb and channel and expansion of underground drainage network to replace open drains.
    • Construction of a new path to facilitate sustainable transport options.
    • Improvements to access to private driveways.
    • Removal of vegetation to accommodate the works where necessary and the undertaking of associated re-vegetation as required.

Timings and impacts

    What time of the day will works be happening?

    Upgrade works will occur according to Environmental Protection Agency guidelines:

    • 7.00am to 6.00pm on weekdays
    • 7.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays

    Please note that works outside of these hours may be required.

    Will any trees be removed as part of the works?

    Two trees may need to be removed for the upgrade. However, is still uncertain. If these trees are removed, then they will be offset with replanting. The concept design has been carefully designed to balance the road user needs and safety while minimising impacts on roadside vegetation.

    How will you inform residents about disruptions?

    We’ll inform impacted residents about disruptions via direct mail. Information and updates will be available on our Your Say page. Subscribe/follow this project to receive updates directly to your inbox.

Approach and considerations

    How are you improving the drainage system?

    The project will replace the open drains with an underground drainage system that includes pits, kerb, and channel to capture stormwater run-off and direct water flow through the drainage network.

About the Concept Plans

    What consultation has been undertaken for this upgrade project?

    We collaborated with State authorities including the Department of Transport and PTV to inform the Road Development Framework that guides this upgrade project. 

    In July 2023, we held an initial community consultation to identify concerns and issues regarding pedestrian connectivity, safety, and infrastructure quality on the route. 

    The next consultation round will open in a few months, seeking feedback on proposed changes to address the key issues identified in July.

    What urban design principles were used for this project?

    The development of this project’s design principles followed our Infrastructure Guidelines and the Road Management Act. These ensure the upgrade and maintenance of roads and infrastructure to a good standard. 

    The road design at key intersections, including at Milne and Atkinson and the entrance to the Township, will be done in line with best practice guidelines, ensuring the road remains safe while balancing the look and feel of the road. The design followed our guidelines and risk assessments.