Consultation outcomes and next steps for Templestowe Route

The community will benefit from improved safety, connectivity, and infrastructure on Templestowe Route, with upgrade works commencing later this year.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the consultation in November last year. We heard from over 150 people through our survey and public session. This valuable feedback has helped us understand the everyday experiences of residents and commuters. We're confident that the introduction of two new roundabouts, reduced speed limits and a new signalised pedestrian crossing can reduce congestion and improve safety around the busy Templestowe Village area.

The upgrade will include:

  • Two new roundabouts at:
    • Atkinson Street and Anderson Street intersection
    • Milne Street and James Street intersection
  • Speed limit of 40km/hour between the two new roundabouts (through Templestowe Village)
  • Speed limit of 50 km/hour from Union Street to Milne Street and Atkinson Street to Porter Street
  • pedestrian crossing with traffic lights at the Wood Street and Anderson Street intersection
  • Road resurfacing along the route
  • Footpaths, kerb and channel along the route
  • Underground drainage along the route

Common questions we received during the consultation included:

Won’t more roundabouts prevent traffic flow, causing more congestion at Templestowe Village? Could we use speed humps instead?

Speed humps would slow traffic but not reduce traffic congestion. Roundabouts act to reduce congestion by preventing the lane blockages that occur when drivers turning right stop to give way to oncoming traffic.

What if these changes encourage drivers to divert along Atkinson and Milne streets?

Due to the number of intersections, drivers would need to cross on the Atkinson-Milne route, this route would not save drivers time and is unlikely to become the preferred option.

Can the speed limit reductions be flexible during busy/quieter hours?

We are looking into speed reduction with VicRoads and will explore options to have flexible speed limits.

How did you choose the location for the signalled pedestrian crossing – did you explore other locations, such as near the 7/11?

The location of the new signalled crossing was chosen based on its proximity to the shops and the area's capacity to accommodate traffic lights.

The project’s main works will be delivered in four stages, with the first beginning around mid-year. We'll provide more information closer to that time.

Our Capital Works Program is funding this project, with a $5 million investment from the Australian Federal Government.

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