About the project

    Why are we building a new facility?

    Manningham Council together with the community determined the need for a new sporting pavilion facility at Schramms Reserve.

    The construction of the modular pavilion on the northern oval at Schramms Reserve directly aligns with Manningham City Council’s Active for Life Recreation Strategy 2010-2025 (Reviewed in 2019). The proposed design will provide a flexible, multi-use, and durable space for recreation so we can meet the needs of our growing community. Building further capacity for our community to participate in sport and leisure will help us to continue fostering an environment of inclusion and will better accommodate the needs of Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club, Doncaster Junior Football Club, and Doncaster Football Club.

    When will construction commence?

    Works commence off-site in December 2021 and will be completed onsite by June 2022, subject to tender submissions and if there are no unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19 restrictions.

    What sort of ecologically sustainable development (ESD) initiatives were considered?

    Manningham strongly considers conserving and enhancing our community's resources so we ensure our ecological choices together with our processes are well maintained, now and into our future. We have designed the pavilion to accommodate the following ESD initiatives:

    1. Solar PV systems and energy efficiency
    2. Passive design features
    3. Eco-friendly, sustainable material specifications

    What will the new facility include?

    The pavilion has been designed as a new modern space to include an upgrade to the change rooms and amenities, a new social space, a kiosk, storage, and new umpire change rooms. All of the Public Amenities refurbishments will comply with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements. The entire modular pavilion will be compliant with AFL Victoria's Preferred Facility Guidelines, Cricket Australia's Community Cricket Facilities Guidelines, and Sport and Recreation Victoria's Design For Everyone Guide.

    What is the budget?

    The Capital Works Program indicates $1.8 million including a $1,274,980 contribution from the Victorian Government.

About the works

    Will there be any disruptions to current facilities/reserve?

    We do not anticipate any impact to current users at the Schramms Reserve. The modular pavilion will predominantly be constructed off-site to minimise the disruption to existing tenants and local residents. Formalised sport at the site will be able to continue during construction. The work site will be safely cordoned off during construction.

    When will the works occur?

    Works will occur on-site in line with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines between: 7.00 am to 6.00 pm on weekdays 7.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturdays. Please note, works outside of these hours may be required, if necessary.

    How will the new facility be managed?

    The facility will be managed via Manningham’s online process used to allocate seasonal sports, IMS.

    Which groups will use the new facility?

    There is a range of groups and organisations that currently use the facilities at Schramms Reserve, either through a tenancy or lease agreement with Manningham including Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club, Doncaster Junior Football Club, and Doncaster Football Club.