Activity Centres

    • Activity centres are vibrant hubs that contain a mix of uses including shops, restaurants, services, dwellings, with links to public transport. They are places where the community come to meet, relax, eat, work, shop or live.
    • Activity centres are an important part of the Manningham economy, providing local services, community facilities, and employment opportunities. The Planning Scheme seeks to build up activity centres as a focus for high-quality development, activity and living. 
    • During the Covid pandemic, these centres, especially retail, suffered extreme economic hardship.  To address this, Council has introduced a number of initiatives to help revitalise activity centres, including facilitating outdoor dining.  
    • 20-minute neighbourhoods and living locally enhance the liveability of Manningham. Improving access to centres and offering a diverse range of uses and services within and surrounding an activity centre have become a key focus for Council.