Residential/Neighbourhood Character

    • In line with the State Government direction, the Manningham Planning Scheme seeks to identify how residential growth is managed across the municipality.   
    • Medium and higher density housing is directed into areas in close proximity to existing services, facilities and public transport, primarily at Doncaster Hill, within and around other activity centres, and along main roads.
    • The Planning Scheme also protects areas of valued neighbourhood character, landscape features and environmental assets, with lower density development being encouraged in areas removed from activity centres and main roads.   
    • Neighbourhood character can relate to either an existing or preferred character. The planning scheme includes guidance on the design and siting of residential development to ensure it respects the preferred neighbourhood character of an area.
    • While there has been a decline in residential development throughout the municipality due to the uncertainties surrounding Covid, development has continued to occur but has mainly been in the form of small-scale incremental development across all residential areas.
    • A diversity of dwelling types is important in meeting changing household needs.  The population of the municipality continues to be aging, and as household types are shifting from couples with/without children to lone persons, this leads to a change in the type of housing demands. The Covid pandemic has changed how we live and work, and this will influence our decisions on the types and features of our homes, and their proximity to existing and new open spaces, shops and services.