What is the Manningham Planning Scheme?

    The Manningham Planning Scheme is a legal document which sets out the policy and requirements for the use, development and protection of land. It is made up of maps identifying zones and overlays, and ordinance (written policy).

    Planning policies contain State, regional and local policies. State policies apply to all planning schemes across Victoria to provide consistency in the delivery of planning outcomes and can not be changed by a Council. The Planning Scheme is unable to change any of these provisions. The Review will focus on local policies, and the use of zones and overlays.

    What is the purpose of the Planning Scheme Review?

    The Planning Scheme Review seeks to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the planning scheme. A Review is undertaken every four years to ensure current issues relevant to Manningham are addressed and local policies are consistent with State Planning Policies. The Review seeks to identify potential changes to the planning scheme.

    What will the Planning Scheme Review involve?

    The Planning Scheme Review will include:

    • A review of the state and local planning policy and strategies, including State Government reforms since the last review.
    • An audit of local schedules to Zones, Overlays, Particular Provisions, General Provisions and Local Reference Documents.
    • A review of VCAT decisions and Panel Reports since the last review.
    • A review of strategic work commenced or completed since the last review.
    • Consultation with key stakeholders including the community and regular users of the planning scheme.

    What is not included in the Planning Scheme Review?

    This review does not include an audit and review of statutory planning and strategic planning processes.

    What is the Planning Policy Framework Translation?

    The Planning Policy Framework (PPF) Translation was a policy neutral translation of the local policies into a new framework set up by the State Government. The process involved the translation of the Municipal Strategic Statement into a Municipal Planning Strategy. The translation was adopted by Council in April 2021 and submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval. The Minister has not yet approved the translation.

    What happens to the recommendations in the Planning Scheme Review?

    All feedback received will be considered in context of a technical review of the Manningham Planning Scheme. A report will identify recommendations for future strategic work and will be submitted to the Minister for Planning once adopted by Council.  It is anticipated that Council will consider the planning scheme review report later this year.