What is a Council Plan?

    Our Council Plan guides Council’s direction with a vision and mission and priority goals for Manningham to be delivered over a four year period.

    Priorities are organised into themes and goals. Under each goal, actions are developed as well as measures for success. The Council Plan themes cover the areas of our community, environment, economy, places and spaces and governance. At Manningham our approach is to consider every goal from the angle of every theme. This way we can optimise the outcomes for Manningham.

    What kind of things do the Council Plan themes relate to?

    Some examples of the things considered as part of each of the themes our Council Plan covers are outlined below:

    Environment - things like our air, water, energy, biodiversity, climate change, waste

    Places and spaces - such as buildings, housing, facilities, roads, pathways and transport, parks and open spaces, green wedge

    Community - this includes community connections, learning and recreation, safety, participation, leisure and entertainment

    Governance - this covers council leadership, efficiency, governance and performance

    Economy - including employment, local business, activity centers and shops, tourism

    Where is money spent at Council?

    The Council budgets for 2021 to 2025 are yet to be set, these will be determined in line with the new Council Plan. 

    The current 2020/21 Annual Budget provides an overview of how the current Council has allocated money across key Council services.

    View the Annual Budget 2020/21 services breakdown.

    How do Council's strategic documents work together?

    How do the Council’s strategic plans work together?

    All Victorian Councils are required to have an Integrated Planning Framework. The Framework shows how our plans and resources work together to deliver to optimise the outcomes for the Manningham community.  

    The graphic below provides an overview of the Integrated Planning Framework we follow in Manningham.