Ayr Street South Upgrade Ready to Commence

We thank the local Ayr Street community, including local traders, for helping to shape this upgrade project.

In summary we undertook the following:

  • Hard copy of concept plan (1) to all traders
  • Facilitated meeting with Manningham urban planners and some traders on the first concept plan.
  • Distribution of amended concept plan (2) to all traders and follow-up informal discussions
  • Signage with concept plan (2) in local shops
  • Letterbox drop a flyer to every residence within a 200 metre radius with concept plan (2) and an invite to the Your Say page for further info including a survey instrument and discussion forum
  • Delivery of flyer to the local bowling club and discussion with management (who agreed to promote to members).

Based on the very positive inputs it is clear that the Ayr Street South Upgrade Concept Plan has strong support in its current form. Improvements that have been incorporated into the final project plan, as a result of engagement, are:

  1. Hand rails on stairs
  2. Retaining trees – with root protectors
  3. Keep the Loading Zone on the upper level
  4. Maintain number of car parks on the upper level
  5. Include bike racks and rubbish bins

There are ongoing discussions with some residents and traders about traffic safety and parking time limits. We are still discussing the Arts project scope and more suggestions are always welcome.

In April we cleaned the entire strip with a high pressure hose. Now we are ready to start with some work on fencing. Get ready - it all kicks off on 8 June! We are aiming for construction to be finished within a month.

Review Final Plans here.

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Consultation has concluded

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