When will the entire project be complete (Mullum Mullum trail to Warrandyte)?

    We’re aiming to connect the entire path by the end of 2024.

    Will there be trees/vegetation removed?

    Yes, we need to remove some vegetation and trees. However, we will do everything possible to minimise environmental impacts, and we'll only remove what is required to create a safe path. We will replant trees and vegetation where possible.

    How will the remaining trees/vegetation and fauna be protected?

    We will have experts, including arborists, native vegetation specialists and animal protection professionals, involved in this project. As part of the planning permit, they will oversee the planning and construction process to ensure the protection of the remaining trees, vegetation, and wildlife.

    Will there be tree replanting/replacement?

    Yes, as part of the works we will be re-vegetating areas with selected native plants suitable for the specific areas.

    What disruptions will there be?

    If we work near the road, there may be some traffic management, but detours are highly unlikely. Construction noise will follow the regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

    If your property will be affected by the works, we will contact you directly.

    Who is paying for the project?

    This project is funded by our capital works program.

    Which section will be built next?

    The next stage to begin is section four, Taroona Avenue.